Cradle of Egypt

AWEM Studio (Shareware)

Awem Studio Cradle of Egypt is a match-3 game that takes place in Egypt. It is the fourth title in the Cradle series of games. In the game, players get the chance to rebuild five locations in Egypt. There are two game modes available – Relaxed and Times. In relaxed mode, players can complete the puzzle at their own pace, while in timed mode, players must finish the puzzle before the timer runs out.

The game grid consists of different tiles that can be moved to adjacent spaces in order to make matches of three or more of the same tile. The resources that are removed from the tiles are gathered and used to rebuild the different locations. Players can build different structures, such as a pyramid, different kinds of temples, and even a Sphinx. The game gets more difficult as the game progresses. Overall, there are 100 levels in the game spread throughout the five locations in Egypt. Cradle of Egypt offers three types of gameplay – Adventure, Blitz, and Tournament. Players can gain different types of bonuses, use a number of power ups, and play mini-games. Unlocking achievements gives the user trophies. There are 25 trophies to collect in the game.