Cracklock 3.9.44

William Blum (Freeware)

Cracklock is an antivirus program specifically developed to counter the 30th-day virus. The program was released on March 2008. The 30th-day virus is a malicious application that shows itself only 30 days after installation. Cracklock is also geared to counter the Y10K bug. This program is also proven to be effective against the Y2K bug. Thus, users may use Cracklock to test whether their applications can stand against the bug in the year 10000.

Cracklock features a simple gray user interface called the Cracklock Manager. The menu bar shows Program, View, Options, and Help. Under Program, users may add a program or select a loaded program to test. For example, Date and Time is a preloaded program. Right click gives the users three options—Run, Delete, and Configure. The Configuration window shows a tabbed interface with four tabs—Date and Time, Injection Mode, Advanced, and Help. The Date and Time tab enables users to set the Virtual Time, Virtual Date, Virtual Time Zone. It also enables users to click whether to apply the changes system-wide and whether to freeze the date and time set. The Injection Mode tab enables users to choose whether to do Run-time injection or Static injection. With Run-time injection, no executable file will be altered. However, in Static injection, users may choose which applications to modify. Advanced tab enables users to run the program in stand-alone mode. Users may also specify Command-line Program path and Parameters.