CQG Trader

CQG Inc. (Shareware)

CQG Trader by CQG Inc. is an essential platform that gives users essential and accurate data feed to assist them in their dealings with the market. This is an essential application for traders who do not want to miss out. This platform is a powerful utility that gives traders the opportunity to place positions and order and view their trading activities.

One of the best features of CQG Trader is the fact that it is designed for speed. This app is streamlined such that there are no charts. However, the quote board, the DOM, and the relevant order management systems are retained. The most essential data are presented at the very forefront. Therefore, this utility is ideal for the use of a trader who already has the charts or who does not need the charts.

CQG Trader is a utility developed by CQG. This company is well-known for its financial software solutions. The programs produced by CQG Inc. such as CQG Trader are geared toward providing electronic trading and technical analysis tools. This application is one of the two products offered by the company. Whereas this application focuses on electronic trading, the other product which is called CQG Integrated Client supports all other functionalities offered by CQC Inc.