Cpukiller3 1.0.7

Robyrobo (Shareware)

Cpukiller3 is system utility that has the ability to slow down the computer to enable users to run old programs that may not be compatible with the computer’s system speed. Some new computers exceed the speed at which old programs can be run, resulting in runtime errors. This program is able to slow the computer down 99%, enabling users to run their favorite classic games on new computers. This application works by increasing the processor’s resource use enough to slow down its execution of the computer’s other applications so that it becomes compatible with older games and applications.

Cpukiller3 shows users a display of the CPU’s usage in a graphical representation in the program’s main window. It also shows detailed information regarding the processor, as well as other technical specifications. How slow the computer will be can be adjusted by the user through an embedded slider. With this feature, users have the freedom to adjust the speed value according to the requirements of the game or application to be run.

This application lets users create presets for launching programs at specific speeds, eliminating the need for manually adjusting settings each time an application is to be launched. Users can assign a hotkey for each preset. Hotkeys can also be set to start and stop the program, and for decreasing the slow down routine.