CpuIdle CpuIdle Extreme 6.0b

Andreas Goetz (Shareware)

CpuIdle is a power management software that promotes Central Processing Unit (CPU) cooling. When the computer is used for an extensive time, it dissipates enough power and heat that can ruin the transistor, resistors, and other elements on the circuit board. CPU cooling results to decreased CPU temperature and enhanced stability, leading to increased CPU life and lower power consumption.

CpuIdle, an online-cooling software, is active all of the time, even when the computer is at use. It cools through several mechanisms including shutting down the CPU when not in use, and optimizing CPU and chipsets for maximum cooling effect. The main interface consists of tabs labeled About, CPU Info, StartUp, TaskBar and Auto-Off Windows. The “CPU Info” tab displays information related to the processor, such as physical memory and clock speed. The “Start Up” tab allows users to manage configurations related to the temperature monitoring software. The “Taskbar” allows users to select information to be viewed on the taskbar such as idle percent and total time. Lastly, the “Auto-Off Windows” allows a list of application to disable CPU cooling. The software is integrated with a MotherBoard Monitor that enables it to read MB temperature sensors and adjust its cooling effect if needed.