CPU Speed Pro 3

Wizard Software (Shareware)

CPU Speed Pro is a Windows system profiler program developed by Wizard Software. It is used for measuring and analyzing the speed of the computer’s CPU in four different automated steps (CPU Ramp, Core, Deep Cycle, and Cool Off). After all the steps are done, the result of the test is shown in a separate window. Users have the option to submit their speed results on the developer’s database for comparison.

All tests submitted by CPU Speed Pro users are saved in Wizard Software’s database. These results are categorized according to CPU types, CPU Manufacturers (either AMD or Intel), and countries. Aside from comparing speed results with other CPU types, users can also check the top 100 and bottom 100 CPU benchmarks.

The program offers a straightforward interface. It only contains a few tabs that show the program’s main functions. There is the Test CPU Speed tab, where the user can perform the CPU speed test. There is also a section called Show CPU Details, where it displays all the important information about the computer’s processor. Information available in this section includes CPU Description, Vendor, Family, Published Speed, Actual Speed, System Memory and more. To access and compare the computer’s speed test with other CPU speed test, there is a section called CPU Benchmark. Clicking on this section automatically redirects the user to Wizard Software benchmark results page.