Cozi Family Calendar

Cozi (Freeware)

Cozi Family Calendar is an online service that allows different users to access schedules in one location. The calendar is one of the components of the Cozi suite. Users can sign in to an account using only one password. The calendar can be viewed in different ways (daily, weekly, monthly). The schedules are also color coded so that users can distinguish other users’ calendar entries easily. The calendar automatically plots holidays.

Cozi Family Calendar alerts users about the plotted calendar schedules through reminders and emails. The user can send each of the members of the account a weekly agenda for the coming week. If details change, an updated agenda can be sent, too. Appointments can easily be typed in on the calendar boxes. The application also has a scheduling feature that automatically schedules recurring events (weekly meetings, sports practices, etc).

The calendar can also be accessed on mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Users can download the application for the device on the website. In addition, the program can be synched with other calendars (Google, Yahoo, etc). Users also have the option to print out a copy of the calendar. Weekly and monthly appointments can be printed out. Users can set the options for the calendar including the calendar colors, family members, and the time zone.