Cozi Express 6.1.1564

Cozi Group, Inc. (Proprietary)

In June 2008, Cozi developed and released a web-based application geared towards family organization and named it Cozi Central which in turn featured Cozi Express as a utility. Cozi Express is described as a wrapper as it functions like a desktop application and allows users to access Cozi without opening a web browser. It comes bundled with the Cozi Collage screensaver.

Cozi Express features a streamlined user interface, which allows users access to their Cozi accounts from their desktop. Cozi accounts may be separated by colored tabs. Cozi features a color coded family schedule, an online calendar, and appointment reminders for each member of the family. Users may save lists like Emergency telephone numbers, task lists, or even a shopping list. Cozi also allows users to create notes like maintaining a family blog. Cozi also features a family planner for family appointments and birthdays. Cozi also comes with the Cozi Collage screensaver that shows family photos as a slideshow. All these Cozi features may be accessed and edited through the Cozi Express application. Cozi Express users need not open a separate web browser to connect to their Cozi account. This program functions similarly to the Microsoft Internet explorer with regards to internet connection, thus, it need not use a separate browser to access the internet.