darkwet network / moonware studios (Shareware)

coverXP is a utility used for creating and printing optical disk covers and labels. It supports different types of optical disks including audio/data CDs, mini disks, and DVDs. There are cover and label templates available in the program. These templates are predefined designs that can be used to create labels/covers. There is also a feature to create both right and front covers/labels simultaneously. Aside from predefined templates, the program is also TWAIN-compatible. This allows users to get and use images from a webcam or scanner.

Templates are editable. The program features various editing options that enable users to customize projects. These options can be used for positioning spines directions, enabling borders around the cover, managing standard file dialog, and enabling cut/fold lines. The program also features drag-and-drop supports. Users can use this to transfer covers from one location straight to the software. coverXP offers command line features, as well. This feature allows the program to be called from other programs to either open or print covers. After completing a project, users may preview the covers or labels to see the changes before printing. The preview function has zoom capabilities and dynamic refresh.

Other features available in coverXP include the following:
• Flip/rotate/mirror functions
• Split-mode
• Keepcases
• Back pictures
• On-screen anti-alias and more