Cover Designer 12

Nero AG (Freeware)

Cover Designer is an application developed by Nero to complement its CD and DVD burning suite. This utility enables users to design and print labels, song lists, covers, and booklets for their CDs and DVDs. It comes with an array of album templates that may be applied to discs, sheaths, and cases. This application has built-in images and fonts, and also enables users to download album covers from the Internet using the Album Cover Finder feature. This program comes bundled with Nero burning software and is also available as a free standalone application for non-Nero users.

The user interface of the Cover Designer is simple and the commands are easy to understand. Users can open a new document and type in the information in the indicated fields for the title of the album or movie, the year released, and the name of the artist or the members of the main cast. The fields may be edited so users can correct any errors or put in any additional information. Users can also add images and backgrounds to a cover using photos from the artist or movie, or just choose a solid background color. The orientation, color, size, and font type of the album text may also be customized according to user preference.