Counter-Strike Source

Valve Corporation (Shareware)

Counter-Strike Source (or simply CS: S) is a multiplayer FPS video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. It was first released on November 1, 2004 for Windows and June 23, 2010 for Mac. The game is the official remake of the video game, Counter-Strike, using a different game engine called Source. It is also the first video game to use this engine. The game’s basic idea is similar to the original game wherein a group of counter-terrorists fights against a group of terrorists in a sequence of rounds. A round can be won by either killing all members of the other team or completing objectives.

The game features nine maps initially. An additional nine maps were added after its release. The gameplay is  the same as the original game. When playing a map, the players’ goal is to complete that map’s objective (i.e. saving innocent people, detonating a bomb, rescuing hostages, etc.). The players’ major goal is to have more wins than the other team. In this game, the player who is killed in one round can only play again on the following round. The game also offers add-ons and customization features allowing users to use different textures, sounds, player skins, and weapon skins. Modification of the game is possible as well.