Counter-Strike 2D

Unreal Software (Freeware)

Counter-Strike 2D by Unreal Software is an adaptation of the first-person shooting game, Counter-Strike by Valve Software.  Like the original, players get to choose whether they want to be counter-terrorists, eliminating the bad guys, diffusing bombs, or rescuing hostages, or be terrorists out to take down those who try to stop them, plant bombs, and take hostages.

This two-dimensional game is viewed from overhead, and has a fog of war option to prevent players from seeing through barriers.  It is a fast-paced tactical game that offers different challenges, including hostage rescue missions, bomb diffuse missions, VIP assassination, capture the flag, and domination.  It also lets players select from several game modes such as  Standard, which is the normal Counter-Strike mode of play, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Zombies, and Construction.  

Counter-Strike 2D presents different maps. It includes those that are part of the original game, and also allows players to create their own maps using the game’s editor.  Moreover, it features a wide range of armor and weapons for both terrorists and counter-terrorists, and it presents other items, such as lasers, grenade launchers, medikits, bandages, mines, and close combat weaponry like chainsaws and machetes.

The game also features chat/ radio messages during gameplay for communication in multiplayer mode, and users can replace graphics and sound as well as create their own spray paint logos.