Cosmetic Guide 1.5.2 (Shareware)

Cosmetic Guide is a graphic tool that is used to enhance colors of photos to have beautiful result. It is a photo editor that enables users to smoothen wrinkles, remove age lines, blemishes and birth marks, reduce mole size, tone skin color, reduce eye swelling and puffiness, and bleach teeth. This application provides an instant makeover to photos.

The application offers cosmetic package tools which includes Skin Care tool, Emphasis Tool, Smart Patch Tool, Bleach Teeth Tool and Liquify Tool. The Skin Care Tool is used to adjust the color of the photos to make the subject of the photo younger by means of removing age indicators such as wrinkles or age lines. The Emphasis Tool is used to highlight the eyes of. The Smart Patch Tool is used to remove impurities of the skins such as skin blemishes and moles. The bleach Teeth Tool is used to whiten different portion of the photo such as the subject’s teeth and eyes. The Liquefy Tool is used to conduct a virtual surgery by means of enhancing the contour of the face and adjusting the surface area of the target segment. The program is easy to use and can be utilized even by beginners.