CorelDRAW 11

Corel Corporation (Proprietary)

Corel DRAW 11 is a vector–based graphics editing software developed and released by Corel Corporation in August 2002. Corel DRAW 11 offers a variety of tools that allows users to create vector illustrations and edit vector-based images. Corel Draw 11 offers tablet support allowing its users to manipulate objects and tools using tablet devices.

Aside from the usual drawing tools like freehand, Bezier, and shape tool, this program features 3 three-point drawing tools, which allow users to draw rectangles and ellipses just by setting three points. Corel DRAW 11 also added polyline tool and pen tool to the lineup. Corel DRAW 11 also added brush effects like the Smudge brush and the Roughen brush.

Corel DRAW 11 also introduced Symbols in the workspace. Symbols are objects that, once drawn, may be replicated and used throughout the drawing without need for layers. This keeps the file size to a minimum. Symbols also have a global effect in such a way that any change to the main symbol will be reflected on all of its duplicates. Symbols are stored in the Library.

Corel DRAW 11 also made minor enhancements on some of its former features. Objects now have a Snap to Node feature, which allows it to align with pre-defined nodes automatically. Corel DRAW 11 also allows importing of text from word processing software while still maintaining font and formatting. Corel DRAW 11 also offers the Convert-to-curve feature for texts eliminating the need to convert paragraph text into artistic text.