Corel Website Creator X6

Corel (Proprietary)

Website creator X6 is a program developed by Corel that allows computer users to create websites without the need to compose HTML. Although the application is commercially available as a standalone program, it also comes bundled with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, a set of applications that supplement the main application, a vector graphics editor.

Website Creator X6 features a WYSIWYG user interface, which allows the user to create and design web pages by presenting an approximate appearance of the page as it would appear on a web browser. Although users are not required to have expert knowledge of computer language such as HTML and CSS, the program lets intermediate users modify a webpage by providing editing panes for languages used in a page. Aside from giving users the option to design websites from scratch, the application also offers templates for themed websites as well as SiteStyles, which are predefined instructions that tell a browser how the elements of a page should appear.

Basic functionalities for designing a website are available, which include:

• Graphics editor – a set of graphical tools to enhance and modify the properties of images used on a webpage.
• Drag-and-drop functions – as an added feature to supplement its WYSIWYG functionality, the program allows users to drag visual elements, such as pictures, blocks of text, and tables, into the visual page editor.
• Automated backup - using proprietary "Site Safe" technology, the programs takes snapshots of the current project and saves a backup copy of them for added stability.