Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel TW Corp. (Shareware)

Corel VideoStudio Pro is a video editing application developed and distributed by Corel TW Corporation. The program offers basic editing tools allowing both timeline-oriented and storyboard editing. VideoStudio Pro supports various formats for source clips. Output video can then be exported to different formats including DVD, HD-DVD, AVI, or AVCHD. The program also supports direct HDV and DV capturing to disk. VideoStudio Pro also offers different video transition categories including Album, 3D and FX. Album video transition is a slideshow effect much like of a photo album. 3D offers different 3D transition effects while FX consists of varying video effects like Fade to Black and Burn.

Corel VideoStudio Pro features different video filters. These filters can perform special effects (kaleidoscope), basic color adjustments (brightness/contrast) and blurring/sharpening. A Chroma key filter is also available that offers green or blue screen type effects. Overlaying Flash animation, text, or images on the video is also possible with this program. It can also be used for adjusting video playback speed, modifying saturation, and hue. The application also offers tools for trimming, splitting and cropping video tracks. Soundtracks can also be separated from video track enabling users to play the audio at a different rate than the video. VideoStudio Pro also features SmartRender that is used for rendering only the video’s edited portions. This allows users to preview edited recording without making temporary files.