Corel Presentations 9

Corel Corporation Limited (Bundled)

Corel Presentations 9 is a presentation application that comes bundled with Corel’s WordPerfect Office suite of productivity programs. It enables users to create multimedia presentations, posters, slide shows, interactive demos, banners, school reports, and product overviews. It is similar to other presentation tools such as Impress by, and PowerPoint by Microsoft. Corel’s presentation program can save to both PPT and PDF formats. Users may also choose to publish their work online. PowerPoint files may also be opened and edited using this program.

This presentation tool comes with a number of templates and slide show types to help users in their work. Users can also start with a blank slide and add elements such as photos, charts, diagrams, text boxes, and even videos as preferred. Among the features of Corel Presentations 9 are the following:

• Corel RealTime Preview – this feature enables users to see a preview of an action on a current document before this is applied. Users can see frames, color fills, font type and size, outlines, borders, and even what happens when users click Undo.
• Shapes – users can add over a hundred arrows, lines, flowchart elements, and other shapes to their presentations. Shapes may also be converted to polygons, on which users can apply 3D effects.
• Scrapbook – the clipart images are categorized and kept in folders that may easily be accessed. Users can simply drag and drop images from the scrapbook onto slides.