Corel Photo Downloader

Corel, Inc. (Shareware)

Corel Photo Downloader is a utility that comes with the Corel Photo Album application. When Corel Photo Album is installed in the computer, Corel Photo Album automatically starts up when a memory card or a digital camera is connected to the system. Before downloading images to the computer, users must configure the connections. To do this, click on the Camera button on Corel Photo Album. Choose Connection from the drop down list and select the connection (PC Card, USB, FlashPath, etc). On the system tray, right click on the program’s icon and choose Options from the menu. The items to select for automatic image downloading are as follows:

• Detect Cameras and Card Readers
• Automatically download all photo using Corel Photo Album
• Detect Photo CDs
• Automatically view photos using Corel Photo

Once a device is connected to the computer, the program will automatically download the images. A small window will show the progress of the image downloads. After the downloading process, the program shows a list of tasks to do next. Users can view the photo album, view a slide show of the photos, print photos, burn a copy of the photos to a disc, or edit them using Corel Photo Album.