Corel Painter X

Corel (Shareware)

Corel Painter is an application used for designing images. It is used by professionals in creating different kinds of art. The application comes with a set of tools, such as brushes, strokes, filters, color libraries, and many others. Key features of this program are as follows:

• RealBristle – With RealBristle, users will be able to create digital artworks that look like they were done using traditional art tools. The program has support for graphic tablets, which enables users to have complete control over the pressure when creating art. Some tools included in RealBristle are chalk, pencil, pen, marker, and many others.
• Art Styles – The program comes with a painting palette that features color schemes that are commonly used in different art styles including chalk, watercolor, impressionist, and classical.
• Brush settings – Artists have complete control over brushes used with the application. This enables users to create more realistic works of art using digital techniques.
• Brush tracking – The brush tracking feature remembers the user’s preferences when using the same brush. It automatically sets the size and sensitivity of the brush the next time it is used.
• File formats – The program supports a wide variety of file formats including GIF, JPEG, MOV, PSD, BMP, and many others.

Corel Painter can also be used together with Adobe Photoshop.