Corel Painter Sketch Pad 1.0.076

Corel Corporation (Proprietary)

Corel Painter Sketch Pad by graphics software company, Corel Corporation, is an application that lets users draw on their computers as though they are doing it on an actual sketchpad.  Equipped with a wide variety of drawing tools such as pencil, watercolor, oil, airbrush, and other materials, graphic and fine artists can create artwork using a combination of old-school techniques combined with modern technology.

The software was designed for use with a drawing tablet and pen, and users can access palettes, colors, pen sizes, and other tools and options with the use of the aformentioned devices.  It also allows users to create artwork in separate layers, so they can easily go back and edit any portion they might want to modify later on.  Layers may include the work’s different stages, such as sketch, color, shade, and others.  It offers features, such as zoom, pan, and crop.  Furthermore, artists can go through their previous work by flipping through pages and/or viewing and clicking on the thumbnails.

Drawings done using Corel Painter Sketch Pad can be sent directly via email.  Users may select to send it in JPEG, TIFF, or PNG formats, and they can likewise import or receive images.  The program can be used by professional artists, as well as those who like sketching as a hobby.