Corel Office 2013

Corel Corporation (Shareware)

Corel Office is a suite that consists of three programs. It is compatible with Microsoft Office and can be used for creating presentations, spreadsheets, and word documents. It has a ribbon style interface where all the tools and functions can be found. The three programs included in the suite are the following:

• Corel Write – This program allows users to create documents, newsletters, and reports. It can open Microsoft Word documents and the interface supports different languages. Users can add charts, footnotes, captions, and other elements, such as shapes and pictures.
• Corel Show – Corel Show is an application that can be used to create slideshows and presentations. With this slideshow application, users can create charts and graphs. Presentations created with the application can be saved in PPT format, which is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Corel Calculate – This application is used for creating spreadsheets that can include charts. Users can add macros and use basic calculations as well. Documents from Microsoft Excel can be opened using the application. Spreadsheets created with the application can be saved as PDF documents for easier sharing with contacts.

Corel Office comes with built-in help tools to allow users to read on how to use the different tools offered by the application. Workspaces of programs included in the suite are customizable as well.