Corel Home Office

Corel Corporation (Shareware)

Corel Home Office is an Office Suite application initially released on June 17, 2009 by Corel Corporation. It includes three main applications - Corel Write, Corel Calculate, and Corel Show. These applications are Microsoft Office-compatible, which means the program can be used for opening, editing and saving Microsoft Office documents.

Corel Write works like Microsoft Office Word. It offers the necessary tools for creating documents, reports, letters, memos, newsletters, and mailings. The program also offers AutoSpell feature that detects spelling errors. These errors are then fixed using its AutoCorrect feature. Corel Home Office also features Corel Calculate. This application works like Microsoft Excel. It is used for managing calculations and other related tasks. Corel Calculate can create pivot and macros tables. It can also be used for converting spreadsheets into PDF files. The third application included in this Office Suite is the Corel Show. This program works like Microsoft PowerPoint. It is used for creating visual presentations such as slideshows with transition effects. This program also offers graphs and charts.

Aside from the three programs included in Corel Home Office, this suite also offers other features. It has a Dropbox support that allows users to store and share Corel Office documents via the Dropbox cloud. It also features tabbed toolbars and icons. A built-in PDF creation utility is also available for saving files to PDF format.