Corel DVD MovieFactory

Corel Corporation (Shareware)

DVD MovieFactory is an all-in-one DVD authoring suite developed by Corel Corporation. This program can be used for turning home videos and images into professional DVD projects. It offers a full suite of disk burning and authoring programs. It also offers a Launcher with a step-by-step guide on how to work on your projects. Images can be turned into slideshows with added effects. For video productions, the program supports a wide range of formats including BluRay and AVCHD.

It offers more than 100 menus to customize DVD projects. It also has different themes, styles, and effects such as masked text, reflections, animated overlay objects, and menu transitions. Users can even combine decorations, photos, and text entries to create DVD scrapbook. A Note Menu is also available for making scrapbooks as well as titles, music, motion backgrounds and animated decors. DVD MovieFactory also offers HD features. HD videos can be imported from cam recorders using memory card, hard drive, tape, or even disks.

DVD MovieFactory can also be used for editing, adjusting, and enhancing videos/images. It offers basic editing tools. Users can trim video clips, add music and animated tiles, adjust color/tones/exposure and more. Tools for customizing effect, applying zoom/pan, and rotating images are also available. This program can also be used for burning and copying audio/data CDs/DVDs. This is useful for creating backups, MP3 disks and making copies of DVDs, CDs, and BluRays.