coreinfo 3.21

Sysinternals - (Freeware)

A utility suite that was created for Microsoft patrons is the identity of Sysinternals. From this collection of downloadable tools comes the Coreinfo application. This has recently been updated to the current 3.21 version and serves the purpose of providing users with a complete map of the computer system’s processors.

Processor information is very important especially for mid to high reliance computer users because they are the ones who work with more complex codes and programs. By knowing the arrangement of processors it will be easier for them to program their systems in such a way that they work as efficiently as possible. Efficient functioning does not only mean faster processing speeds but the prevention of crashing as well. Computers have various processing elements including physical processors and logical ones. Aside from these, complex computer users also have to consider elements such as the NUMA node and processor cache codes.

All of these are presented clearly in the Coreinfo mapping application. The interface will show the arrangement of these components and identifies their corresponding sockets and caches. When faced with any internal issues, the person now has an ability to shift programs from one processor to another. Should users find the need to clear cache information, this is another task that can be accomplished with the help of Coreinfo.