BinSoft (Shareware)

CoreEditor is a universal text editor that is easy to use and intended for programmers and webmasters. This intuitive and simple utility is the creation of BinSoft and is the expanded successor to EdHTML.
CoreEditor is a useful and versatile tool for those who are writing in TeX. An additional tool is provided in the form of Editor CSS.

CoreEditor has the capability to work with more than one document simultaneously and it can create a number of configuration profiles. This utility has the following basic functions:
• Creates copies of files for restoration when the new code is in effect
• Compares the current and backup file and provides a list of the differences
• Reminds the user about HTML and CSS attributes
• Handles UTF8 encoding and other system encoding
• Offers coloring schemes for 30 document types

CoreEditor can also self-service expansion programs and has built-in W3C Tidy support. This utility contains around 120 types of syntax and seven dialects such as Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, and Interbase6. Wizards are also available for hyperlinks, maps, HTML frames, drawings, maps, and pictures.

CoreEditor is a shareware that has a free trial offer prior to purchase of license and registration. CoreEditor by BinSoft supports CSS, PHP, XHTML, and JavaScript and it can handle a number of compilers as well (Assembler, Java, Pascal, etc.)