Coral Reef 3D Screensaver 1.0

3Planesoft (Bundled)

Coral Reef 3D Screensaver is an ocean-themed three-dimensional screensaver developed by 3Planesoft and released on April 2009. This screensaver features an underwater view of a sunken ship amidst coral reefs and marine plants. The underwater scene unfolds with several tropical fishes of several types and sizes swimming by. The sunken ship looks like it has been underwater for quite some time and seems to be from ancient times.

The Coral Reef 3D Screensaver configuration settings enable users to customize the video mode selection in terms of resolution or just apply the same desktop settings. Users with multi-monitor setups can also specify which monitors the screensaver will apply to. General screensaver options feature check boxes to enable High texture quality, Exit on Mouse move, Widescreen Emulation, and Show FPS. Gamma control for the screensaver may be controlled using a slider tool, which is set at 1.00 by default. The Monitor Aspect Ratio is preset in Autodetect but users can change it using the dropdown list provided. This screensaver comes with music and sound effects which can both be disabled according to preference. Users may also control the volume of both the sound effects and music accompaniment through separate slider tools. The program user interface likewise provides buttons to access the developer’s homepage for more screensaver options, or to register the product.