Copywhiz 4.0.8

Conceptworld Corporation (Shareware)

Copywhiz is a simple program used for copying several files from one location to another. The program allows users to select which files to copy. It is also integrated within the Windows context menu so the task can be done by clicking the right mouse button.

The main interface of the application is where users can copy and paste items or completely move them to a different location. Adding files to the interface can be done using the browser where individual files or entire folders can be added to the program. Importing files can also be done using the drag and drop method. All files displayed on the main window show the filename, location on the computer, file size, file type, and the date and time when it was last modified.

The bottom part of the window consists of the paste settings. There are three tasks that can be done – paste, paste and delete the original file, or paste the files as a compressed zip file. The final location for the files can be changed on the field as well. Users just need to click on the Paste Now button to start the process. The program is simple and easy to use, even for beginners.