CopyTrans Doctor

WindSolutions (Bundled)

CopyTrans Doctor is a computer program that repairs any glitches on an external Apple device. This is an application that was created by WindSolutions and is pertained to as the iPod surgeon because of the way it runs regular maintenance checks and restoration procedures on all external devices that have been synched to the program. It can be relied upon to fix any errors when they arise, easily preventing more serious functionality problems in the long run. Apart from this, it is also reliable as a restoration program for iPod data like songs, videos, images, and so on.

When the program is launched, the interface that pops up is pretty basic. Initially, there are two primary options to choose from. One is to run a diagnostic test on the device and the other is to search for any recoverable deleted files if any. Selecting either of these options will immediately start a check on the external device where any problems like bugs or errors will be repaired or fixed upon identification. Other than this when the user decides to check for deleted data, a list of available files to recover will be generated.

The thing about the CopyTrans Doctor program is that aside from checking for device errors and bugs and helping device owners recover lost data, the application can also be utilized to ensure that the external device is in full functioning order.