Copy Protect 1.5

NewSoftwares Inc. (Shareware)

Copy Protect is an application that enables users to copy protect their videos, audios, pictures, and documents in order for them to not be distributed, duplicated, or copied illegally. Supported programs are converted by the application into executable programs which can only be run in drives they have been prepared for. Copying of such files in another drive renders them useless and unable to run. A user’s file can then be executed but not copied by other people.  Files processed by the application cannot be pirated by others. Copy Protect is also able to prevent data leakage, image theft, illegal distribution, and duplication.

Administrative rights are not required for executable programs to run. Other people then do not have to install the program just to run a certain file. The program’s interface is simple and easy to navigate.  An integrated document and picture viewer allows users to read and view files which have been copy protected. An integrated player is also provided to play copy protected audios and videos. A playlist feature enables medial files to be managed and organized. Data which has been copy protected may be burned in DVDs and CDs for distribution. Other distribution media can be used are external drives, USB drives, and Blu-ray discs. Programming skills are not needed to use the program.