Copy Cat 3.0

Vicky's Cool Softwares (Freeware)

Copy Cat is a CD and DVD tool that enables users to copy data from disks onto another location on the computer. It can be used to copy CDs and DVDs that are partially unreadable; the program is able to skip the unreadable or scratched parts and copy the readable ones. This cannot be done by other disc copy programs. One of the benefits of using this tool is that it lets users copy old DVDs and CDs that may contain important data, such as documents, photographs, videos, and music. This application also has the ability to duplicate media files that have been damaged by copying each byte. When the application encounters irretrievable files (such as those from bad sectors), it gives users the option to skip copying the specified bytes.

With these functions, Copy Cat can also be used as a data recovery tool, especially for discs with files that cannot be read by other applications. This application has the following additional features:

• Simple and clean interface – this makes the program easy to use. The most common operations can be performed with a few clicks of the mouse.
• Lightweight application – this application does not use up a lot of system resources and therefore does not interfere with the functionality of other programs.
• Basic settings – there is no need for advanced configuration; upon installation, the program can immediately be used, even by novice users.