Copernic Summarizer

Copernic Technologies Inc. (Shareware)

Copernic Summarizer is an application that enables users to create a summary of a Web page or a document. Users are also provided with exporting tools that let them save the summaries in a variety of file formats for easier publishing and sharing. An intuitive interface makes this application easy to use, especially for those with basic computer skills. This application has the ability to analyze a blocks of text of any length that are written in Spanish, English, German, and French. Input sources can be PDF files, Word documents, email messages, Clipboard text, and Web pages. Users can specify the length of the document summary.

Copernic Summarizer features a technology called WebEssence, which works to remove irrelevant content from sources automatically. This includes navigation items such as arrows, as well as ads and other graphics. It is able to focus only on the essential elements of the text to create relevant outputs. Users can obtain the summaries by simply clicking the button labeled “Summarize” or by selecting the menu item that is integrated into programs such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and Internet Explorer. When a summary has been generated according to the preferences set by the user, it can be saved in text, HTML, DOC, and XML format. It can also be emailed and printed directly from the application.