Copernic Agent Professional

Copernic Technologies Inc. (Proprietary)

Copernic Agent Professional is an application used to search, track, find, analyze, and manage information in the Internet. The program has more than a thousand search engines which are assigned in 120 categories.

The program comes with a detailed contextual help feature for users to utilize the program. Users are sent email notifications regarding relevant and new information. Search result parameters can also be controlled by users. Users can preview web pages and can eliminate broken links and duplicates. Web pages can be tracked for changes in content. Changes in content contained in pages that have been tracked are highlighted. Results can be filtered based on link validity, status, region, and link, among others.  Found pages can be saved and archived, and search results can be imported, shared, and exported. Results and searches can be annotated and searches can be made using Boolean queries and keywords. Information that can be detected by the program include dates modified, duplicates pages, page sizes, and page languages. Found pages’ information may be extracted to obtain summaries and key concepts. Result layouts may be standard, detailed, or compact. Other program features include detailed search reports, automatic search engine and software updates, and search history management through created folders. New categories can be found in and added using the program website. The program does not render advertising banners.