TSReader 2.8 Inc. (Shareware) TSReader stands for Transport Stream Reader. The program is a transport stream recorder, decoder, analyzer, and manipulator designed especially for MPEG-2 systems. It features support for several MPEG-2 base extensions including ATSC, DVB, Digicipher II, and ISDB. The program provides an overview of the MPEG-2 base contents, making it easier for users to discover inefficiencies or errors in the transport stream. TSReader has four main functions—stream analysis, stream recording, stream monitoring, and stream viewing. Stream analysis involves discovering PIDs in a mux regardless of incorrect MPEG-2 tables. This function also enables users to  analyze muxes to spot channels that occasionally switch from FTA to scrambled, and vice versa. It also performs analyses of new transmissions to acquire technical information. Stream recording includes HD and SD recording directly to D-VHS decks or local folder in the hard drive. Stream monitoring involves stream verification of DVB tables, as well as MPEG video verification to check encoder operation for errors. This function also entails MPEG-2 stream transcoding to MPEG-4 using VLC, coupled with online streaming operations. Stream viewing includes streaming of HD videos to D-VHS decks over a Firewire connection, as well as streaming to VLC. The latter enables users to perform transcoding operations for online streaming and decoding operations for playback. This function also makes it possible for users to watch SD videos through the Xbox Media Player.