CoolNovo Browser

Maple Studio (Freeware)

CoolNovo Browser, formerly known as Chrome Plus, is in fact GoogleChrome enhanced and loaded with new features that allow for added convenience and efficiency for users.  Once installed, the user is provided a starter guide and tutorial to equip users with the program’s capabilities.  Pictures complement explanations in the tutorial for program functions to be better distinguished and understood.

The program comes with a multitude of exceptional features.  For example, one can switch to Internet Explorer during instances wherein websites do not support Chrome, closed tabs can be restored with a single click in toolbar, and configuration data could be saved into cloud servers for synchronization with other computers.   In addition, the program comes with additional download tools found in the context menu, a super drag feature, enhanced bookmarks, and an option to close a page via a right or double click in the Tab area. Various mouse gestures have also been incorporated such as open next or previous tab, scroll page down or up, navigate forward or backward, stop loading function, reload all or current tab, and new homepage tab. Configurations can be made by users on IE tab settings, downloads, the bookmarks bar, Adblock and the Options section’s accelerator to name a few. CoolNovo Browser makes browsing effortless and manageable.