CooL Wallpaper Changer III 3.1

Pavel Chmelař (Freeware)

Pavel Chmelař created and released CooL Wallpaper Changer III. This program was developed to provide people with a desktop application that will run automatic wallpaper image changes on their computer. The main purpose of this particular software is to manage stored wallpaper images. It can be configured to change and display different images automatically.

CooL Wallpaper Changer III allows computer users to manage their desktop wallpapers with ease. It is possible to change the images automatically. Users of this program also have the ability to set timers for each particular wallpaper image. Depending on what the user prefers, wallpaper images can be set to display for several minutes to a couple of hours before the images are changed. The program can be used not only to maintain a roster of wallpaper for display, but also to set different display properties for each image in the roster. It is possible for users to change the primary image color settings, file location, display properties, and even the accompanying backgrounds. Users can also opt to rely on the default wallpaper settings.

This application has two modes for display. The calendar mode allows users to time the wallpaper displays. There is also a classic mode where wallpaper display configurations can be set manually.