Cool MP3 Splitter 2.02 2.02

Yaosoft (Shareware)

Cool MP3 Splitter is an audio splitting device developed by Yaosoft and released on May 2006. This program splits long audio files into more manageable MP3 tracks. It is particularly useful when splitting recorded music concerts and live shows into individual audio tracks. The Cool MP3 Splitter employs several audio splitting processes—Split by section, Split by time, and Split by size. Split by section involves manually selecting the start and end times of each track. Split by time allows users to designate a specific length of time for each segment. Split by size enables users to specify the file size that will be applied to all tracks. The program performs this through its Multi-thread split technology. Cool MP3 Splitter not only splits audio files into tracks, but also allows users to join multiple tracks into one long audio track. Users may also configure MP3 parameters. This includes setting up ID3 tags and other audio metadata.  

Cool MP3 Splitter features a grey and white-themed user interface. The main window displays a Source file browser, and Split method chooser. The next screen allows users to specify the length in seconds, or the file size in MB. It also displays the Output Folder path browser. The Settings pop-up screen allows users to set the MP3 Recompress parameters, as well as the Breakpoint Offset point.