Cool 360 Panorama

Ulead Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Ulead Cool 360 is an application that enables users to create panoramic images from multiple photos. This program can stitch digital photos together to create either a wide panorama or a 360-degree panoramic image. Ulead Cool 360 is used together with a digital camera.

Ulead Cool 360 lets users create panoramic images in three steps. The program first requires the user to import a set of images that will be combined to form the panoramic image. These images can be imported from the user’s computer, or directly from a digital camera. Ulead Cool 360 then creates a preview of the panoramic image. Users can adjust the alignment, camera tilt, and the angle of the photos to achieve the desired panoramic effect. Ulead Cool 360 also has photo-enhancing tools that enable users to adjust the lighting and color quality of the panoramic photo in preview mode where users can configure the Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast of the panoramic image. This section also has a reset button that allows users to go back to the photo’s default color and lighting settings. Once the user has finished making the final touches, the resulting panoramic image can then be exported as a file.

The program’s interface arranges its main controls on the top portion of the window. These controls include Start where photos will be selected and imported to the program, Adjust, where the stitched image is previewed and edited, and Finish, where the final image is saved as a file.