Cooking Dash - Thrills and Spills

Play First (Bundled)

Cooking Dash – Thrills and Spills is a time management game in the Cooking Dash series of games. It was first released in 2010. The game goes back to the past when Flo was still a teenager helping Mr. Big improve the different restaurants that are located in his theme park. Players get to serve customers in five different locations with ten levels each.

At the start of each level, players are given a monetary goal to achieve. Customers who enter the restaurant must be seated down. Their orders must be delivered to them on time in order for them to maintain the hearts on top of their heads. Customers lose their hearts one by one the longer they wait in line or for their orders to arrive. Money gained from each level can be used for purchasing upgrades for the restaurant. These upgrades improve the overall appearance of the restaurant and improve the customers’ patience. In addition to the time management theme, the game also offers mini games that the user can play.

Other features of Cooking Dash – Thrills and Spills are the following:

• 50 levels to complete in five different locations
• Appearance of the restaurants can be customized based on the different choices available in the game
• Awards can be earned for achieving missions and completing tasks