Cookie Crumble 2009 5.0 (Shareware)

Cookie Crumble is a simple tool for deleting cookies and Flash cookies from web browsers. It supports Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Users can erase all cookies or just the cookies from a specific website. The program has a simple interface that beginners will be able to operate. Furthermore, the program can delete remembered passwords for certain websites.

The application’s interface is divided into three sections. They are the following:
• Clear All Cookies – This section has four buttons that are used for cleaning all the cookies stored on the web browser. There is one button each for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. The last button is used for clearing Flash cookies.
• Delete Website Cookies – The second section is used for deleting cookies from a certain website only. This can be done by typing in the URL of the website on the field provided and clicking on the “Delete Cookies” button.
• Hide My IP Integration – This section allows users to hide their IP addresses, while also clearing cookies. There are two checkboxes which allows users to hide their IP address and for clearing cookies every time the IP address of the computer changes. There is also a list where users can add site URLs.