Cookie Analyser 8.0.046

Madcrosoft UK (Shareware)

Cookie Analyser is a tool that is part of PC TuneUp Tools 2013, a utility software suite that optimizes users' computers with tools that help improve background performance. Aside from the Cookie Analyser, other notable features of PC TuneUp Tools include:

• Startup Manager - A tool that helps users decide which programs and processes should run when the computer is turned on
• Restore Point Cleaner - A utility that deletes multiple restore points, which often take up huge chunks of space, in a computer
• File Shredder - Often accessed by users as an item in a context menu, this tool removes traces of a file by using international standards in deleting files

Known technically as HTTP cookies, these are files that contain computer code, which are usually saved in a user's system whenever websites are visited through a web browser such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. These cookies collect technical information about the user's browsing habits, which are then passed on to the websites that have dispatched them. Websites use cookies to personalize the user's browsing experience.

As cookies often contain information about the user that may contain sensitive information, Cookie Analyser allows users to scan their computers for malicious cookies that can compromise a computer. The user is then given the choice to keep or delete selected cookies found by the tool.