Converter for XPS Documents (Freeware)

Converter for XPS Documents is a small converter tool developed by The program enables users to convert XPS files into other image file formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP. Users are likewise able to set the DPI resolution for the converted file for maximum quality and readability. The program works by converting every page of an XPS file into an image file. This enables users to view the contents of the file even without an XPS reading or editing software.

Converter for XPS Documents is targeted towards organizations and business, as well as individual users. Converting the contents of an XPS file into an image file enable users to utilize these image files in making a presentation, creating an archive in a database, or for further file editing. Users can also embed the image files into an existing HTML web page.

Converter for XPS Documents can be launched from the File menu of an open XPS file. A blue and grey dialog box is launched when the Convert To option is selected. Users can select the image file format and resolution from drop down boxes in the Convert Options dialog box.  The program also enables users to configure the output folder path through the Place Results In input box. Users may customize the base name for the file names of the converted images.