Convert Doc 7.60

www.SoftInterface.COM (Shareware)

Convert Doc is a document conversion software released on March 2011 by Soft Interface. This program enables users to convert documents into other document file formats. It provides support for several file formats like PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, and HTML. Users need not have Microsoft Word or Adobe installed in the system to run the Convert Doc program. This program enables users to convert documents singly or by batch. As to PDF support, Convert Doc also enables users to place Digital signatures.

Convert Doc also features batch conversion and scheduled conversions. Users may schedule conversion jobs at specific times and dates. Conversion schedules are either time based or calendar-based.  Users may also customize application behavior after conversion. Users may customize Convert Doc to delete or move source files after conversion. Users may also customize complex conversion configurations and save such for future conversion jobs. Convert Doc also supports concatenation of file names, removing extra lines, and program launch after conversion jobs. This program also provides recursive subfolder support. Convert Doc also enables users to pause batch conversion jobs midway. After pause, users may resume the conversion at a later time or stop it altogether. Resumed jobs are not lost even after system restart. This program also allows automated command line support. It also provides support for the COM/ActiveX interface.