ControlMK 0.20

Redcl0ud (Freeware)

ControlMK is a program that allows players to use a game controller for mouse or keyboard emulation. A game controller is a hardware that is used for gaming such as joysticks and joy pads. Emulation on the other hand, is the process wherein a program copies how a certain software or hardware behaves. What this application does is it allows players to use game controllers such as joysticks and joy pads to work like the keyboard and the mouse for those games that only allow such controls on the game design. Emulation is done by mapping the keyboard controls to the buttons on the game controllers.

Setting up ControlMK is essentially a three-step process. First, the player needs to determine what buttons on the keyboard or mouse need to be set. For instance, the key “w” means “move forward” in most first-person shooter games. Next, the user needs to determine what button on the controller will be assigned. The controller must be opened from the set-up software. Once steps 1 and 2 are done, the player can go to the ControlIMK user interface. On the top portion dropdown menus are found for the controllers. Players can select the controller from the list and then select or create a new profile on the third dropdown. The middle screen displays the list of controls. Players can simply click on each item on the list and then select the control that needs to be mapped to it using the dropdown menu.