Control Center for KODAK Webcams


Control Center for KODAK Webcams is a utility that offers Kodak webcam users different features and functions to help them make the most of their device. With this application, users can easily access and make use of the programs they use from one central location. Its main interface shows five buttons: Connect, Monitor, Record Videos, Take Snap Shots, and Manager.

• Connect – this enables the IM (instant messaging) and VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) applications that support the webcam. Users can click this and select the IM or video conferencing program that is installed in the computer, such as Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger.
• Monitor – this opens the webcam tab or monitor screen and displays a webcam view. Users can access the Controls on the right of the preview screen to adjust their webcam’s display settings.
• Record Videos – similar to the Monitor screen, this is where users can start recording videos with sound by clicking the Record button at the bottom.
• Take Snap Shots – similar to the Record Videos screen, this is where users can take a photo snapshot of the image seen by the webcam by clicking the Snapshot button found below.
• Manager – this is where users can organize their images and create albums. Users can also view, edit, email, print, or upload their photos to image-hosting websites and social networks.