Contra - Hard Corps

Konami (Proprietary)

Contra: Hard Corps is a run and gun-oriented video game developed by the Japanese company, Konami. The sixth installment in the Contra franchise, it is considered by many as the most challenging of the Contra games. The plot is a continuation of Contra III’s story, and is set in 2641 A.D. In this game, the war-damaged world is being restored with the help of the Contra Hard Corps, which is a special task force formed to prevent hell from breaking loose around the world. Unfortunately, an anonymous hacker breaks into a high security system, which causes numerous uncontrolled robots to wreak havoc in the city. The Hard Corps is deployed by the government to take control over the situation. It is discovered later on in the game that the infiltration attempt was the brainchild of Colonel Bahamut, who is an Alien Wars veteran. His ultimate goal is to conquer the entire world by acquiring an alien cell that is kept in the government’s defense complex.

This main plot progresses into numerous subplots in the game, each of which ends in a different way. The player walks through a side-scrolling stage and shoots enemies that s/he encounters along the way. Players have the ability to hold a number of weapons and bombs listed in their inventory. Four slots are allotted for weapons, while one slot is allotted for a bomb. At the end of the level, the player must fight and defeat the boss.