Contenta Converter BASIC

Contenta (Proprietary)

The Contenta Converter program is an image converter that allows the management and modification of a wide variety of popular file formats while providing the user with the ability to open all supported formats. This is contrast to other converters of its kind that are unable to access some of the files they support. The program has a large range of supported image formats. Some of the over fifty formats this converter can change and access include JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and RAW. It can also work with PSD, PS, PCD, XPM, and MOS files.

The program was developed with novice image editors in mind, hence the gradual learning curve and simple, easy-to-use interface. The conversion process begins by identifying where the folders or files are. After this, the user is then presented with options to customize the conversion process. For example, the user has to define the output path or file destination and the file format for the images to be converted.  Resizing can be accomplished with the size option, with the said task allowing the use of default profiles. The user may also modify resolution of the output and other details manually. Contenta also made provisions such as graphics that show the disk space saved after file conversion, the number of images converted, and the sizes of the files prior to and after compression.