ContactKeeper (Freeware)

ContactKeeper is an application that stores contact details of family, friends, and businesses in one program. It allows the user to store mobile and landline contact numbers, addresses, names, and birthdays.  It is also a personal information manager that lets the user know of upcoming birthdays of family, friends, and colleagues.

ContactKeeper features a birthday calendar created from the data of the date of birth of persons on the contact list. The calendar displays the current month, showing several contacts whose birthdays are in that month. The users may view the current month, previous month, or upcoming months and also see that data. A small window called the birthday reminder will appear to display the nearby date of the birthday, the person’s name, and age. Searching for contacts can be done by in typing only the first name or last name.  Selected contact will display current address, telephone number, and email address. The program comes with a note field per contact for extra information.

The ContactKeeper allows the user to export and save contacts to HTML (language used to build Web pages) files or text files. The program also allows the user to print selected information. A text file containing the contact information is saved as a backup file when the program has been closed by the user.

The software has been discontinued but still available for download.