Construct 2 R158.2

Scirra (Freeware)

Construct 2 is an application that allows users to create their own game in HTML5. Users do not need to have knowledge in programming in order to use this application. The program can be used by instructors and students, professional game developers, artists and designers, and game enthusiasts who want to create their own games. The program has an online tutorial that users can read to learn about the different features of the application.

The program’s main interface is divided into different sections. It has a ribbon-style interface with the tools and menus located at the upper portion of the window. Properties for objects are located at the left panel of the main window including object behavior, effects, and properties. Project folders and files, and objects used on the current project all appear at the right side of the window.

Here are the key features of the application:

• Event System – The application’s event system enables users to have complete control over the visual style and behavior of the game.
• Instant Preview – Users can immediately preview their games through a web browser without having to wait for the game to render. This allows users to make the necessary changes needed without having to finish the entire game.
• Visual Effects – Construct 2 comes with visual effects for a better gameplay experience.