Constant Guard™ Protection Suite

White Sky, Inc. (Proprietary)

Constant Guard Protection Suite is a utility application that enables users to protect their computer from malicious software. This application is capable of scanning, cleaning, and preventing malicious software such as viruses, spyware, adware, malware, and keystroke loggers from infecting the user’s computer. Most of this malicious software makes unauthorized system changes that may cause the system to freeze, crash, or slow down. Some of this software such as keystroke loggers is used to steal information from the user’s computer such as account information, and passwords. Constant Guard Protection Suite contains features that enable users to download various files and media from the Internet without having to worry about malicious software attached in the files. This program also allows users to conduct their online banking and shopping transactions without the threat of spyware and key logger programs. In addition to these, Constant Guard Protection Suite can perform a full scan and submit a printable report of the scan results. This application is also capable of making data backup and restoration.

Constant Guard Protection Suite features a simple user interface that has three main parts. The first part contains three tabs that enables users browse through the program features. These tabs include Home, Credit Cards, and Options. The next part displays the user’s online accounts. Users may add financial or other types of accounts using the tools in this section. The right panel on the program screen displays a list of additional services that the program provides. These include the Norton Security Suite, Identity Card, and Secure Backup & Share.