Conspiracy Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Kuju Entertainment Ltd (Proprietary)

Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction is a first-shooter action game developed and published by the company, Kuju Entertainment. In this game, the player takes on the role of a former Secret Service agent names Cole Justice, who is now an independent agent who works for an underground organization called “the agency”. He is assigned one last case that involves a shady government agency called “Hydra” that secretly manufactures deadly weapons for terrorist organizations around the world. In order for Cole to terminate their evil activities, he must infiltrate their lair and kill all of the members.

The player must go through a variety of rugged locales such as Arctic tundras and Aztec ruins and succeed in defeating enemies that come along the way. Cole’s assistant, Cara, is responsible for providing him with intelligence about the Hydra agency, and the player can enlist her help at any time during the game. As the story unfolds, Cole discovers that the illegal activities are actually orchestrated by the White House. Some of the missions include stealing viruses, barging into warehouses, and planting explosives among others. In the final level, the player will have to go against Secret Service agents in the White House and try to catch the President before he could escape.